Natural therapies for migraines when medicines fail

Occupational stress, lifestyle, genetics, and a host of environmental factors can all contribute to migraines. When it comes to aiding individuals suffering from this form of severe, recurring, and painful headaches, the BodyTalk System offers a non-invasive and supportive approach that recognises the interrelatedness of mind and body, uncovering the contributing factors leading to this debilitating condition.

How BodyTalk treats migraine

Migraine is an extremely prevalent condition that affects up to 1 billion people worldwide. It is also one the most disabling diseases in the world, with most sufferers experiencing some degree of diminished quality of life. In addition to severe throbbing and recurring pain, migraines are often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, and extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and smell.

Understanding that the onset of migraine also increases the risk of other physical and psychiatric conditions, the BodyTalk System adopts a holistic approach that considers the interrelatedness of mind and body. The system recognises the body’s natural healing ability when all parts of the body communicate with each other, and aims to facilitate this process by restoring lines of communication.

The BodyTalk System goes beyond migraine prevention and management. By identifying the contributing mechanisms that lead to migraines, certified BodyTalk practitioners are able to deliver a treatment plan that completely eliminates the onset of migraines in a safe and non-invasive manner.

Individual consultation for migraine sufferers

BodyTalk sessions are safe, easy, comfortable, and conducted while clients fully clothed. Each session usually lasts up to 45 minutes, during which certified BodyTalk practitioners follow a simple and gentle four-step approach designed to re-establish communication within the body for the fastest healing process to occur.

Icon questions
Asking questions

BodyTalk practitioners begin by discussing your health status and other personal issues to identify priority areas.

Icon Prioritising

Once priority areas have been identified, each area of the body is addressed with respect to the order of factors.

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Gentle tapping

A light tapping technique is used on the head to tell the brain to be mindful and repair the communication while tapping on the heart helps the body remember this dialogue.

Icon Integration

Lines of communication has been restored and your body is now ready to initiate its own healing process.

Embracing holistic healing

The core of the BodyTalk System is holistic healthcare. As such, the System goes beyond the compromise of treating symptoms and managing pain. Instead, it recognises that change is possible, and that real healing is achievable for every individual.

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